Local DNS diagnosis

Reasonable client DNS settings allows users to get a more rapid, smooth browsing, downloading and video viewing experience.
Local DNS diagnosis tool can automatically identify the user's public network IP and local DNS, and then check whether the user's DNS settings are reasonable, and provide users with DNS optimization program.

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A key to optimize

User DNS settings for some non professional people are more trouble, or even your customer base can not understand the meaning of DNS services.
A key to optimize tools available from the CloudXNS online IP library and local DNS service list matching information, automatically help small white users set the fastest DNS address. Without too much complicated explanation, let the user DNS to optimize the ideal effect.

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National DNS query

The province's latest Telecom DNS server IP address inquiries, the latest provinces of China Unicom DNS server address IP query. The province's latest mobile DNS server address IP query.
National DNS query tools can query the latest national provinces of the whole network DNS server IP address.

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Local DNS analysis

Local recursive DNS is generally deployed through anycast or cluster, the user may use a large number of server IP nodes when using a IP access.
local DNS analysis tool can be arbitrary IP queries through recursive DNS to all other services provided by the IP.

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DNS partition dig

After the update domain name resolution, domain names in the global analysis of the situation to do a good job, can provide users with better service.
DNS partition dig can be targeted or one-time query of the various regions of the operators of the various types of records of the analytical results, to facilitate the rapid positioning of the site and troubleshoot domain name resolution process problems.

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Partition PING (server network detection)

Site replacement host or open CDN, you need to learn more about the site access speed changes.
Partition PING (server network detection) tools from all over the country to monitor the monitoring point of the target IP or domain connectivity and detection time, mainly used to test the site connection speed.

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Local DNS diagnosis
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